INTER_URBAN - Cross border database with indicators for monitoring the sustainable development process of Baia Mare and Ivano Frankivsk areas

Financing programme: Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013,
Priority 4: Support people to people cooperation, Measure 4.1: Institutional cooperation.
Implementation period: 01 August 2013 – 31 July 2014

Project partners
Applicant:“Baia Mare Metropolitan Area” Intercommunity Development Association, Romania
Partner:“Centre of Municipal and Regional Development – Resource Centre” Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine
Associate:Global City Indicators Facility Toronto, Canada

Overall objective
To intensify and deepen the cross border cooperation by creating and supporting the development of a cross-border IT database with indicators regarding the monitoring of the sustainable development process in Baia Mare and Ivano Frankivsk areas.

Specific objectives
1. To define a set of relevant indicators in the economic, social, environment and urban planning fields, for monitoring the level of sustainable development in two cross border areas.
2. To improve the management – strategic planning and public policies of the local administrations from Baia Mare and Ivano Frankivsk areas – by making periodical analysis and benchmarking between the past and present indicators, in order to provide public reports over the sustainable development process.
3. To involve local communities in the decision making process, regarding the sustainable development of the two cross border areas.

Main activities
1. Project management - monitoring the project’s activities.
2. Identification of around 50 indicators – to monitor the economic, social and environmental protection development.
3. Setting the final form of the indicators.
4. Purchasing the IT&C system of processing data to obtain the values of indicators and implementing it.
5. Creating the IT&C interactive platform to manage the cross-border database with indicators.
6. Training of the working group on using the IT&C system and IT&C interactive platform.
7. Publicity of the project and the financing Programme

Project’s estimated results.

  • Partnership agreement establishing permanent cross-border relations.
  • 4 Workshops to discuss about the methodology of sustainable development monitoring and relevant groups of indicators.
  • 1 Meeting with the partners, stakeholders and civil society to discuss and define the set of indicators.
  • 50 indicators of sustainable development.
    IT&C integrated system to process the data and generate indicators.
    IT&C interactive platform to manage the cross-border database with indicators.
    20 sustainable development specialists from both countries trained to manage the IT&C system and platform.

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