Public Agencies and Institutions

Maramures Agency of Statistics


The official statistics in Romania are gathered trough the official statistics services, organised in the National Institute of Statistics, a specialised body of the central public administration, with legal personality, subordinated to Government, financed from the state budget.

The Agency of Statistics has the following tasks:

    • Producing statistical information needed for making decisions regarding the economic and social strategy;
    • Assimilating the indicators of a market economy and implementing research and calculation methodology aligned to the standards and international practices;
    • Developing a quality statistics, to complement the traditional one;
    • Extending and diversifying means of data dissemination;
    • Cooperating with other national statistics agencies to develop a viable statistic system, implementing projects to ensure the compatibility of the data with other countries’ data and aligning them to EU standards.


Maramureș Environment Protection Agency


The EPA Maramures is a public institution with a legal personality, subordinated to the National Environment Protection Agency, with the statute of a deconcentrated public service, funded from the state budget. It’s role is to: implement politics, strategies and legislation regarding environment protection at a county level.

The agencies of environment protection issue regulatory acts regarding environment protection, In accordance with the powers conferred by the National Environmental Protection Agency, under the legislation in force.


Maramureș School Inspectorate


Role and tasks:

  •   Applying the policies and strategies of the Ministry of Education at a county level;
  •   Seeing that the legislation is applied and monitoring teaching activities and the national standards are met, through school inspection;
  •   Controlling, monitoring and evaluating the quality of the management of the education units;
  •   Ensuring, along with the local public administration, that pupils are scholared and monitoring their attendace in classes during their compulsory education;
  •   Coordinating school admission assessments and national school competitions in the schools of the county;
  •   Monitor the implementation of national programs initiated by the Ministry of Education in the county, as well as projects implemented by schools and related European Union programs in education;
  •   Managing the database of qualified teachers employed in schools, and the entire database of education;
  •   Performing regular audits of human resources in schools and high schools.


  1.       Maramureș Employment Agency


The Maramures Employment Agency is a public institution with legal personality, established under Law 145/1998, as of January 1, 1999. Subordinated to the National Agency for Employment (NAE) Bucharest.

The Maramures Employment Agency is a territorial agency that provides implementation at the county level of measures to prevent unemployment, social protection of unemployed persons; it organizes and coordinates the employment and training of the workforce.

To perform its tasks, it cooperates with:

  • Local public administration authorities
  • Government organisations
  • people
  • employers of the private sector
  • social partners.


Public Service of Urban Environment Baia Mare



  •   development and maintenance of green areas located on public property or private land in Baia Mare;
  •   production in greenhouses and nurseries of plants and selling the surplus;
  •   planning, maintenance and operation of public pay parking lots, playgrounds for children;
  •   sanitation and snow removal of the paths in public parks and other public property or private areas of Baia Mare;
  •   management of markets and fairs.


The Social Public Service of Baia Mare


The Social Public Service was founded in Baia Mare on July 1, 2002 by City Council Resolution No. 155/2002 as a public service with legal personality and tha main activity being a social activity. One of the specific objectives is "Diversification and development of social services in the community", so during this period of existence so far, SPS maintained and developed social services based on community needs.

The institution has grown fast and dynamic, due to the constant development of the Romanian society needs that require constant adaptation of the services offered in order to be consistent with social needs.


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